6 Sentence Sunday

1912. The Titanic Tragedy. Over 2,000 Passengers and only 700 Survivors. Horrible Accident or Planned Sacrifice that frees the Kraken from their prison? What would the world look like if we united together against a common enemy? Land vs Sea.. who wins? ..... Introducing the International Oceanic Guard... the only ones stopping the Kraken's from taking over and sinking everything and everyone. They've already proven we're tasty to them. Now it's our turn...

Petty Officer Jameson stared off into the sunset. Well what he could glimpse of it through the cold iron spiked fences topped with barbed wire that angled outward that guarded the border between land and sea. Brody slapped a bottle of sunscreen in the greenhorn’s hand. Shaking his head at the boy’s wide-eyed startled response. Christ, they were getting younger and younger every year, literally fresh meat in this never ending war.

“Sorry Top, I forgot.”

Brody grunted and continued walking the perimeter. He’d been here long enough to know, you didn’t watch the skies. You watched the tiny strip of sand, where earth met sea, and you prayed that today they wouldn’t come, that you didn’t have to watch one more farm fresh boy die. Today, he felt like he’d been stationed here for way to long.


  1. Very intriguing concept Angie! Is this a WIP?

  2. I have decided there is something wrong with me.... Hubby is at home on sick leave and was watching a very interesting documentary on the Titantic. Subs taking pics, divers, etc...
    And this is what I come up with?!?

  3. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me :-) You have a writer's mind, m'dear.